The Island - Location  

Puertito is a small, sleepy seaside fishing village normally very peaceful and quiet, however, during summer,bank holidays and some weekends there can be an influx of Canarian locals who come to enjoy the fishing, beachlife and local kitchen in one of the village's three bar- restaurants. At these times the village will be more lively but this need not effect the tranquility of guests staying at 'Casa Cari'. The house lies in a very protected location and one hardly notices anything else but the sea. At other times there might be just ten people in the village – if even. The simplicity of life there reflects in the clothing: no fancy dressing, high heels etc......


Puertito has no shops as such but has three bars: bar 'Tenderete', Pepe and Dolores bar 'El Caleton', and bar 'Punta de Jandia'. All three serve food all day. In addition bar 'Tenderete' sells some basic groceries ie. Bread, milk, fruit and vegetables plus cigarettes, sweets, ice-creams etc. To shop for main provisions the large supermarket 'Padillas Supermercados' located in the town of Morro Jable (approx.20km) is recommended. It has an extensive range of fresh and frozen food available.

Car Rental

There isn't any public transport available to Puertito. You will need to rent a car at the airport. There are plenty of car rental firms at the airport. Search the internet. Book in time !

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