The Island - Playa de Ojos  

Beach of the Eyes

'Playa de Ojos' is situated only a short walk away from the house Casa Cari. If you follow the small asphalted road from Puertito in direction Punta Pesebre then you are fronting a mountain before the road turns into a slight left swing following the coastline. At this point – on your left – you can see the different sandy beaches from above. Please take care and watch out not to come too close to the overlapping cliffs! They are deeply eroded !

It is not easy for the average tourist to find a way down to these wild beaches which is why you will be there mostly on your own .

In order to keep it this way I will not tell more about the descending here, but you will get a special hint on the issue if you have booked Casa Cari – naturally – if secrets are kept with you.

Yours kindly, Karin Koberling

The Island