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The origin of the name 'Fuerteventura' has never been fully clarified. Some meanings speak of 'strong adventure' (fuerte aventura) others of 'strong winds' (fuerte viento) and somehow they all suit – as well as the saying 'happy islands' as a synonym for the spanish 'venturoso' which translates into 'favoured by fate', meaning 'happy'.

Fuerteventura is the longest island of the canary archipeligo, stretching about 100km between the northern 'Punta de la Tinosa' and the southern 'Punta de Jandia'. It is about 100km distant from the African coast. From the historic point Fuerteventura is regarded as the oldest of the canary islands and its strange contours are seen as consequences of many volcanic eruptions – the last ones happened more than 7000 years ago.

The peninsula Jandia in the south of Fuerteventura starts at the narrowest point of the island the 'Istmo de la Pared', a landscape covered in sand, winderosions and dunes of incomparable beauty. Connecting to this – in the west – are the wild huge beaches of Barlovento and Cofete right down to the monumental 'Roque del Moro' and ending at the 'Punta Pesebre', where the impressive cliffs of 'Caleta de la Madera' are situated.

Between 'Punta Pesebre' and the the most southern point of the island 'Punta de Jandia' with the lighthouse 'Faro de Jandia',lies a fascinating natural beach 'Playa de Ojos', which is surrounded by basalt formations(dykes), indicating the geological origin of the island - right into the eyes.

Although the island seems to exist solely of rock and stones, none of the other canary islands is offering so many pure golden sand dunes and beaches – more than 150! Therefore you may choose to visit lonely small beaches, the huge wild beach of Barlovento or the vast stretching 'Playa de Sotavento' (above Morro Jable), where you can walk about for more than 20 km – although inevitably tourism is evident here.

Fuerteventura has 3000 hours of sun per is the ideal bathing paradise: crystalclear water and finest golden sand.

You may discover the island for yourself: on beautiful secluded hiking tours you might meet with tranquility – the roaring of the sea may lead you to your rythm or the eruptive volcanic landscape presents to you – while inhaling the clarity of the air – simply happiness:

Fuerte – Ventura !

The Island