The Island - Journey  

Journey Fuerteventura – Puertito

By direct flight to Fuerteventura airport (Puerto del Rosario). Then by car to Puertito – there is no public transport to 'Puertito', taxis won't drive there either. There are several car rental firms at the airport (Auto Soto 0034.928.540142/ Auto Dominguez 0034.928.860516). You may also be able to make your own arrangements from home.

After leaving the airport you follow the signs for 'Morro Jable'/'Jandia' in a southerly direction. When you get close to Morro Jable you will pass many hotel blocks and shopping arcades. The main road then sweeps up a steep hill, the road divides, the left hand lane takes you via a mini-roundabout into the town of Morro Jable, whereas the right hand lane is the bypass and finally leads into the harbour.

If you intend to do some shopping at the huge supermarket 'Padilla', or want to sign a contract with Auto-Soto then you have to move into town. After the roundabout the road first turns left then right, then you will pass a petrol-station and turn into the next street on your right. It is leading to Auto Soto, Padilla or the post-office(marked on the sketch).

The sketch may show you how to move out of Morro Jable to meet the by-pass running into the harbour. Before you reach the harbour there is a right turn (now asphalted) which is signed for Punta or Faro de Jandia or Puerto de la Cruz(Puertito) . This wide road stays asphalted only shortly but becomes a wide sandy gravel track.

You stay on this track for 20 km. After about 12 km at the only junction on this road(signed for Cofete) keep left and you follow the road while you have already the Lighthouse( Faro) and the windmill(-craft) of Puertito in sight.

Less then 1 km from Puertito the road suddenly becomes tarmacadem. When you pass a large wind powered generator on your left you drive off the road into the village where you will find the houses somewhat scattered in the arrangement. Then drop into the bar 'El Caleton', right on the seaside where you can pick up the keys from 'Pepe' and 'Dolores'.

You should have driven about 1,5 hours and now you may relax and enjoy this surreal place at the end of the world and let your soul recover from culture shock - in timelessness.


The Island