Booking - General  

Dear friends, dear guests,
please regard the following list just as a help/guideline:

  • you may use in the bars of the village
    a coin-telephone.
  • connection to mobile-phones in Puertito is good.
  • WiFi is available in the bar Bar “El Caletón”
  • Smoking please only on the deck.
  • you cannot receive mail in Puertito.
    In Morro Jable there is a courier service
    and a post-office.
  • be aware of the tides � the magazin �Info Canarias' carries the tide-charts for 2 weeks. Other international magazines as well as local spanish newspapers carry information about the tide.
  • beachshoes (reefs ) and a beach tent for the playa are recommended.
  • the salt leaves its traces everywhere and therefore I ask and am grateful for your cooperation. Thank you. Please try to keep house and terraces free of sand as much as possible, as the salty sand effects the floor extremely badly. The windows carry daily a fine layer of salt and sand, so if you ever would feel like wiping it off during your stay, please use plenty of water carefully on these sharp crystals. As the salt eats up any material fast, please be so kind and take all cushions and matraces of chairs or sunloungers inside � especially at night � and kindly use a towel for cover on the loungers during daytime.
  • the gasbottle is hidden in the cooker. To connect or disconnect, the leaver on top has to be turned.
    leaver down = gas turned on
    leaver up = gas turned off
    for security reasons the gas should be turned off after use. If required the gasbottle(bombona) can be replaced through the administrator.
  • sometimes the batteries of the generators for electricity of Puertito have to be recharged overnight which might lead to short power-cuts. It is advisable to have a torch with batteries at your convenience.
  • we all love candles - unfortunately they are a bit �messy'. Please kindly avoid spreading wax on floors, furniture etc. as it cannot be handled by the cleaning lady.
  • the fuse - box is hidden behind the Picasso-picture next to the terrace-entrance.
  • on the roof are two water-tanks , which hold 2000 litre and are automatically refilled by the local desalination system every 2 days. The water supply is not unlimited so please be aware and use some discretion. Any problems with water supply please inform the administrator. In the unusual case of a disruption to supply, the village is then provided with water by tanker-delivery. The costs of this must be paid directly to the administrator but in turn will be refunded in full on production of a receipt.
  • kindly throw no waste of any kind into the W.C. not even toiletpaper, for which waste-bins are provided.
  • the washing-machine can only be used when the hot water boiler is switched off and and the water pump switched on(switch next to boiler). An instruction manual is in the house. Bedlinnen and towels are provided once. If you do not want to do any washings yourself, extra-services are provided by the administrators on request - for a nominal extra charge.
  • - bulbs � if needed � are in shelves in the bathroom. Please kindly replace 'the last resort' right away � expenses will be refunded.
  • if something is broken by you, kindly replace it.
  • the cast-iron pans are wonderful
    tools � they just need greasing after use.
  • please keep floors reasonably clean and all food stored away otherwise you may tempt ants etc.etc. to visit you.
  • animals are lovely creatures, but do not
    take 'gorgeous' kitten, goats, doggies etc.
    into the house � they are infested with flees.
  • all your waste can be dumped into the
    containers outside the village.
  • on the terraces are a few plants which would
    love very much to be watered while you are there.
  • the use of the free stairs,terraces and the house remains your responsibility and you are reminded to exercise due care and attention when using stairs and terraces, especially where children are concerned!


Casa Cari is supplied with fresh water by the desalinationsystem of Puertito, which fills the 2 x 1,000 litre tanks situated on the roof automatically every 2 days. This means the house has a maximum of 1,700 litres of water for disposal every 2 days.

Please take care and be aware of consumption particularly with showers and toilet. Please take care to ensure all taps are switched off after use. Thank you.

A problem may occur with the water pump when the supply tanks are at low level and if it is allowed to run dry the whole system is severely disrupted. You are kindly asked to turn the water pump off after use of the shower, toilet or bathroom water basin - switch located beside hot-water heater.

Thank you for your cooperation.

After having read all the issues mentioned you may have the impression that life in Puertito and in "Casa Cari" is very complicated and you constantly are exposed to dangers and inconveniences � just the opposite!

Your life there will be without stress or dangers - just simple and peaceful!