Buchen - Booking Conditions  

General Booking Conditions GBC

1. Booking and Payment

The booking through your signed booking-form faxed or given to the proprietor of Casa Cari is only confirmed by
a) receipt of requested deposit/sum shown on the invoice or
b) in case of short term bookings(less than 45 days before departure) by payment of the total amount due.

Late payments or failed payments are regarded as cancellations and will entitle the proprietor of the holiday home to rent the house to other parties as well as to charge cancellation fees.

2. Deposit and Balance

A deposit of 50% of the total sum requested is required at the time of booking. The balance has to be paid at least 45 days prior to departure.

3. Extra Charges

Extra fees are charged for final house cleaning, lease of bedlinnen, towels, gasbottle and the consumption of water and electricity is included.
In the very special case of disruption of watersupply in Puertito, the water will be provided by a tanker-delivery, which the person having rented the house is responsible to pay to the local administrator directly ´┐Żagainst receipt. These sums will be immediately refunded by the proprietor of Casa Cari on production of a receipt.

4. Cancellation and Transfer of Booking

Cancellation by the customer has to be provided in writing by the person who signed the booking form and sent to the home-address of the proprietor ´┐Ż in doubt to both address's given in the booking-form.The cancellation is only valid from the date received by the proprietor.

The customer has the right to choose a person in succession into his rental contract.This has to be requested in writing. The proprietor is not obliged to accept the person concerned.

5. Cancellation Fees

Any time up to 90 days before departure a cancellation fee of 10% will apply. From 90 days before departure the deposit is not refunded. From 45 days before departure the full sum for the requested holiday-time must be paid. It is advisable to take out travel-insurance . This usually can be done by presenting a booking-confirmation of Casa Cari within 8 to 14 days after having signed the contract to a travel agency when booking the flights.

6. Use of the HolidayHome

The house Casa Cari can only be occupied by the persons and the given numbers registered in the booking-form. After having paid the extra charges to the administrators the customer receives the house-keys which have to be returned at departure.

7. Cooperation

It is the reponsibility of the customer to point out before use any defect or fault of the inventory to the administrator. A reasonable time for fixing the defect must be given. In the event of more serious complaint the proprietor must be informed immediately. Belated complaints cannot be considered or upheld.

The customer is requested to treat the inventory with care and to give notice of any damages done by him/ party as well as to replace the same to the admininstrator.

At departure the house has to be transferred in a clean state with dishes washed-up and disposal of waste to the administrator.

8. Animals

No animals can stay in the house.

9. Liability

In case of special 'higher' circumstances like war, earthquake, floodings, weather disturbances etc. or local unavoidable disruption of energy-supplies or power-failures the proprietor will have no liability to pay any compensation as well as for damages or injuries,which derived from the use of the holidayhome and its surroundings.

Any dispute will be governed by German law. Any legal action will be brought to German Courts - to the City of Berlin .