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Bienvenidos - Welcome - Willkommen in Puertito -
directly at the seaside - now and again and again.
May the timelessness of this place carry to you the universe and fill this house, this location and its people here and now and forever again and again......with love.

Karin Koberling

A place with a real soul!

August 2010

Dear Karin,
I am back at the office just today and Puertito begins to miss me !

My friends Hélène et Arnaud, my husband Jacques , my little Alexandre and me were totally charmed by the house, the people of the village and Fuerteventura of course.
After our first week in Lanzarote (in a very nice place at Famara), we were at first little disappointed by the urbanization along the road from Corralejo to Moro Jablo. The coastline was more affected by buidings than in Lanzarote.
Arriving at the village I was a little tired and a little afraid by the "look" of the place, the dust, the wind and all these camping cars and caravans near the village... The houses seem to me less clean than in Lanzarote, As I was the "tour operator" for our friends I felt responsable of this choice!

But after visiting the house, hearing the song of the waves, and aftera good lunch at Canarian time (3:00 pm), I realized this place was one of most charming, impressive we have been for holidays. We had the chance to travel in many countries and we often searched and chosen isolated places. And Puertito is in the TOP 5.
I don't know if it will be possible, but we will be very pleased to come back to celebrate a brand new year and discover Fuerteventura in December. Perhaps next year:o))
Many thanks for your house and the quality of your reception : it's a place with a real soul.

Best regards,

Great it was!

April 2010

Hi Karin, Great it was! Really...One of our finest short holidays, ever.....I am the husband of Catrien (we are together since 1974) and i can speak, because i am a journalist and i did 'tourism' fot my local paper (Rotterdam) in the past. The combination of a perfect small house in a 'wild, 'primitive' surrounding always fits good! What makes it so good for me? That special 'private'swimmingpool just before the house...Was it God who invented that small private deep hole betrween the rocks? Really...obe hour before flood it was great swimming between the ronks in thta deep hole...Idid swimm evrey day! And i was lucky: it was high tide in the afternoon those 5 swimming days! The house was perfect! We only had some problems with the satelite-connection of the t.v. Often we could'nt watch.............BUT point....Your house without t.v. i sprobably even better...Hahahahahahahahaha,,,Catrien an me read together 15 books! Ohhhhhhhhh....en always that wind and sun/.....Great!

All the best,
Joris B. (1945)

Thank you for your stay in your beautiful house, we spent two lovely weeks.
Within two weeks we spent five days visiting the island and all the other Casa Cari and we relaxed a lot. We visited all Fuerteventura and certainly if we should come back again, we would like to stay in Casa Cari.

It is unique and it is exactly what were looking for. The house is comfortable, spacious, cosy, full of light and the location is fabulous. It is very well furnished and very refined. We loved everything of it...the local stone, the view, the furniture, the windows and terraces facing the sea, the light of the lighthouse at night, the sound of the sea, the smell of the delicious fry fish of Dolores!! And the photos hang on the walls are so beautiful! Every detail reveals a fine taste and a deep love for this special house.

Christina + Giuliano

"Orion", Geminis, Taurus, Hyades,
Plejades so clear we have never seen them!
We are looking forward to next time!

Dominica Hasse + Peter Salomon

I am not a friend of flattery with words, this place is stunning, the calm nights, the sound of the sea, the tranquility, just incredible. Furthermore the stars at night, which seem so clear. I've got to come back, I really enjoyed it a lot.

Hopefully until soon,

Fabian Hennecke

To relax in the sun like lizards
to rock in the sea like fish
to sail in the winds like sea-gulls.

The spirit of this location
is the doorway into the world
of quiet, true being.
Full of longing,

Anne, Greta & Lars Lindemann

We have enjoyed the 2 weeks very much and the moment
we entered the Casa we felt entirely at home.
Naturally 14 days are too short and we can already imagine
returning and staying for longer. After all the praising in this guestbook, which we happily join, we now are part of the Casa-Cari fan club with full heart.

Werner Berg + Lisa

...four weeks are really too short........
our Spanish has improved a lot...........
por favor, habla un poco más despacio....
thanks for the wonderful time!


Puertito, indeed a wonderful place to be.
Thank you for getting to know this place and its people.

Helena Ruegg, Herman Vinck

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